13th & 14th December 2003

All the Thalassaemia Societies of Pakistan in collaboration with Thalassaemia International Federation organized the 1st National Workshop on Thalassaemia in pearl continental hotel Rawalpindi on 13th &14th December 2003.

 A large number of Patients, Parents, Doctors, Social workers, Volunteers, Thalassaemic Associations and Govt. officials participated in this two days national workshop.   

 Mr. Panos Englezos (Chairman TIF) Dr. Androulla Elefheriou (Scientific Coordinator) and Mr. Stavros Melides (Director TIF) were also among the foreign participants.

 In the closing session of the Workshop the federation of Thalassaemia Societies of Pakistan was established and Executive Committee of federation was elected that would ensure the collaboration and coordination among all the thalassaemia societies of Pakistan. The federation will ensure the optimal treatment, prevention & awareness of Thalassaemia. At the end of National Workshop a combined declaration on Thalassaemia was announced.