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Join us for K2 QUEST - A fund rasing walk to the Base Camp of K2


K2 Quest

On the occasion of Golden Jubilee of the conquest of K2 mountain summit, Thalassaemia Society of Pakistan (TSP) organized  K2 Quest, a Walk To The Base Camp Of K2 to join the celebrations at the Base Camp on 31st of July 2004. This walk was organized to generate funds and raise awareness about Thalassaemia in Pakistan and around the world. Thalassaemia, a blood transfusion dependent anaemia is the most common inherited disease in Pakistan.

 Walk to the Base Camp of K2 2004 was a part of a series of fund raising walks organized by TSP in which young Thalassaemics and participants perform this heroic feat. They want to convey that

“If Looked After Properly, Thalassaemics Can Do Any Thing In The World.”

 Thrilling documentaries have been made of the earlier 3 fund raising walks that include Walk to the Base Camps of K2 in 2001, Nanga Parbat in 2002 and Masherbrum in 2003. You could also watch these documentaries on and k2trek-2.avi
(each is 150 MB, and you need the divx codec from to play them).

CDs of the documentaries can also be sent to you on request.

 “K2 Quest”, the walk was  through one of the toughest and most beautiful terrains of the world. K-2 is located in the heart of the Karakoram Range and can be seen in its entirety from Concordia.  The sublime pyramid sits at the head of the Godwin Austin Glacier which unites with a second glacier at Concordia to form the mighty Baltoro Glacier.  Galen Rowell described Concordia as the "throne room of the mountain Gods". Four peaks above 8000 m. sit within a radius of only 13 miles from Concordia, honoring this site with the largest concentration of the highest peaks on earth. The K2 quest started on July 17, 2004 and it took 24 days to finish this Qust. For brief description of the trek itinerary, please click here.

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 Like every year, Millennium Tours, a leading tourism company of the country was our Tour Operators and helped us in organising the K2 Quest.