The International Thalassaemia Day is celebrated all over the world on the 8th of May. In order to join in this spirit of celebration, the Thalassaemia centre, run by the Thalassaemia Society of Pakistan also organizes the Thalassaemia Day with great zeal and determination since its inception in 1994.

8th May 2002 was similarly dedicated to the thalassaemics who are being treated at the Thalassaemia Centre. The day was organized with the idea of providing a pleasant change to the children from their normal routine and to give them the assurance that though they will perennially suffer from an incurable disease but it should not affect the quality of their life. As if in unison with this idea, the children managed to enjoy all colors of life on the Thalassaemia Day. Dressed up in motley clothes, the children participated and performed in a variety of dramas, stage plays and games. The parents of thalassaemics moved by the display of such strength and vitality by their children were encouraged to stand by them in this successful fight for Thalassaemia.

The function started with the recitation of verses from the Holy Quran, followed by a Hamd and Naat all delivered by Thalassaemic children. Different activities of the children were then staged that included a number of skits, dramas, musical chairs and national songs. At the end of the programme, the President of Thalassaemia Society Dr. Javaria Mannan and the General Secretary Prof. Dr. Yasmin Raashid briefed the participants on the endeavors of the society which has been successful in providing an almost normal life to many thalassaemics. Lastly, a delectable lunch brought to an end the events of a day whose memories will be forever etched in the minds of those who attended it.