Rawalpindi Declaration


 1.    To create awareness about thalassaemia.  Media and press should be used immediately to lessen the birth of new thalassaemics.

 2.    Specialized care clinics for thalassaemia should be established in all hospitals upto Tehsil level.

3.    Financial assistance for treatment and prevention of Thalassaemics should be provided from Baitul Maal to poor families.

 4.    The blood safety of donor blood to thalassaemics should be ensured through AIDS control programme.

 5.    Provision of Desferal to all children should be the responsibility of Govt. of Pakistan.

 6.    There is an urgent need to provide free tests for thalassaemics in all tertiary care hospitals like S. Ferritin,  Electrophoresis etc.

 7.    The govt should ensure formal education, technical skills and employment opportunities to thalassaemics under the quota for handicapped children.

 8.    A national uniform policy should be formed on management and prevention of thalassaemia.